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Ugandan student summoned by university for ‘exposing nakedness’

Uganda’s prestigious Makerere University has threatened disciplinary action against a female student for wearing a skirt which was “cut into many strips” and which exposed “part of her nakedness” at a student dinner, local media reports.

In a letter addressed to Rebbeca Nadumba, the university management said: “It is alleged that the picture which appeared last Friday/Saturday (May 27) in the social media of a lady dressed in a red top and red long robe-like skirt, but cut into many strips that exposed part of nakedness, was your picture”.

The letter added that if it is true that that was her then she had breached university regulations requiring students to dress “in a neat and decent manner”, and not to bring the university into disrepute.

It gave Ms Nadumba until tomorrow to indicate why she should not be brought before the disciplinary committee for alleged violation of the dress code at dinner for students who had completed their studies.

She has not yet commented. On Twitter, there’s been mixed reaction to the university’s decision:

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